»Pi-rates«  is an independent Raspberry Pi community of embedded engineers and micro-controller hackers in Munich, Germany. The »Pi-rates« community facilitates offline group meetings in various localities in Munich.


»Frame-it!« is a new technology for more effective collaboration developed by GTG. It is a mobile interactive device designed to present and collaborate with multiple users at the same time using the sticky note metaphor.

ISO 9241-9 Tablet Test

The AAL project SI-Screen focuses on providing an innovative user interface for elderly people enhancing their access to awareness streams of Social Networking Services by using tablet computers. As part of our attempt to investigate the acceptance of the newly developed user interface, we assessed the display size and touch input accuracy of multi-touch tablet computers…

WebGL Showcases

The WebGL Showcases demonstrates the implementation of WebGL® for the iPad®.Even though WebGL is supported in iAd® as of iOS® 5.0, WebGL is not publicly available for iOS application developers, yet. As part of the WebGL Showcases application for the iPad® various WebGL examples are included. Source code is based on Nathan de Vries‘ coding effort. WebGL Examples The following WebGL…

Sheep Me Up!

You are an ancient Egyptian god – powerful, merciless and evil. 10,000 years ago you have been cursed and imprisoned in your pyramid space vessel by your arch-rival Ra. The pyramid you are in is floating in the vast nothingness of space to prevent you from escaping.

Horde3D .NET Wrapper

The Horde3D .NET wrapper is a light-weight open source library, implemented in Visual C# and .NET Framework 2.0 for Horde3D, a small open source 3D rendering engine. The intention is to open the simple and intuitive interface of the next-generation engine Horde3D to the .NET community. I was the co-founder of pyropix and the lead developer of…


The mysterious Aerodium is the only source of energy assuring the survival of the terrestrial separatists in the near future of our planet. Dive into a world of cunning sci-fi dogfights amidst a stunningly detailed environment. The game is accompanied by an orchestral soundtrack and presented with cutting edge graphics. Feel your veins throb with adrenaline…