The »Fishification« aquarium application is designed to run on a large interactive screen in a community area. In order to keep the user interaction simple and to attract people that are passing by, the aquarium metaphor is used. The mobile Fishification App allows direct interaction of Smartphones and Tablet Computer with the AquariumApp. Fishification is based on CommunityMirrors and CommunityMashup and developed at the Cooperation Systems Center Munich (CSCM), Institute for Software TechnologyBundeswehr University Munich. (Source: Maier et al. 2013)

I am the co-founder and lead developer of »Fishification«. The source code is available at GitHub.

Fishification AquariumApp


Fishification Setup
Image: Based on CommunityMirrors by Florian Ott & Michael Koch (2011, 2012).

  • Active Zone: Users directly interacting with content visualized on the large screen
  • Attraction Zone: People passing by that are attracted by the visualization on the large screen and have the intention to interact with the visualized information
  • Perception Zone: People passing by that we want attract with gameful design and gamification to foster awareness and social interaction in front of the screen
  • Outer Zone: No perception of the contents displayed on the large screen

(Source: Ott et al. 2011, 2012; Maier et al. 2013)


Video: Created by Johannes Metscher. Music: Autumn Day by Kevin MacLeoad.