»Frame-it!« was a new prototype for more effective collaboration developed by GTG. It is a mobile interactive device designed to present and collaborate with multiple users at the same time using the sticky note metaphor.


The »Fishification« aquarium application is designed to run on a large interactive screen in a community area. In order to keep the user interaction simple and to attract people that are passing by, the aquarium metaphor is used. The mobile Fishification App allows direct interaction of Smartphones and Tablet Computer with the AquariumApp. Fishification is based on CommunityMirrors and CommunityMashup and developed at the Cooperation Systems Center…


MeetingMirror™ is a conference application for large multitouch screens presenting conference information aggregated and enriched  from external Social Networking Services. »MeetingMirror« is based on CommunityMirrors™, a framework for Ubiquitous Natural User Interfaces for Cooperation Systems, and CommunityMashup, an integration solution for social data. MeetingMirror, CommunityMirrors and CommunityMashup are developed at the Cooperation Systems Center Munich (CSCM), Institute for Software Technology, Bundeswehr University Munich. (Source:…

Sheep Me Up!

You are an ancient Egyptian god – powerful, merciless and evil. 10,000 years ago you have been cursed and imprisoned in your pyramid space vessel by your arch-rival Ra. The pyramid you are in is floating in the vast nothingness of space to prevent you from escaping.