Sheep Me Up!

You are an ancient Egyptian god – powerful, merciless and evil. 10,000 years ago you have been cursed and imprisoned in your pyramid space vessel by your arch-rival Ra. The pyramid you are in is floating in the vast nothingness of space to prevent you from escaping.

Every 1000 years or so, a beam of sheep, which emerges from a nearby wormhole, hits the entrance of your pyramid prison. The sheep can free you from your sarcophagus, but they need to reach you. Ra has put in place several traps and force fields to prevent them from doing so. So your assignment is to guide the sheep all the way to your chamber by using your will only.

Sheep Me Up! was developed during the practical course “Multimedia Praktikum” 2008 supervised by Volker Wiendl at the Lab for Multimedia Concepts and their Applications at the University of Augsburg, Germany. As a game developer, I was responsible for the realization of the visual interface and integration of the interactive game elements. In addition, I was responsible for supporting concept, design and visual effects.

For more information, please visit the official project website: SheepMeUp.


Video: Created at the Open Lab Party 2008 at the University of Augsburg. Music: Manuel Majewski.