MeetingMirror™ is a conference application for large multitouch screens presenting conference information aggregated and enriched  from external Social Networking Services. »MeetingMirror« is based on CommunityMirrors™, a framework for Ubiquitous Natural User Interfaces for Cooperation Systems, and CommunityMashup, an integration solution for social data. MeetingMirror, CommunityMirrors and CommunityMashup are developed at the Cooperation Systems Center Munich (CSCM), Institute for Software Technology, Bundeswehr University Munich. (Source: Ott et al. 2011, 2012)


  • Multiuser and Multitouch support for large displays in semi-public environments
  • Using CommunityMashup to integrate social data from WordPress, Twitter, Mendeley and Web Feeds
  • RotationView – rotatable view of activity and content streams from Social Networking and Web Services
  • CardView  – card layout of social activity and content streams from Social Networking and Web Services
  • GraphView – interactive force-directed graph showing connections between persons and contents
  • AgendaView – conference program for browsing information about conference sessions and presenters
  • HotelView – allows conference participants to publish their hotel location, e.g. to meet outside of the conference
  • WorldMapView – shows the location of all participating organizations and individuals
  • InterestsView –  interactive force-directed graph showing (indirect) connections between two persons