MeetingMirror™ is a conference application for large multitouch screens presenting conference information aggregated and enriched  from external Social Networking Services. »MeetingMirror« is based on CommunityMirrors™, a framework for Ubiquitous Natural User Interfaces for Cooperation Systems, and CommunityMashup, an integration solution for social data. MeetingMirror, CommunityMirrors and CommunityMashup are developed at the Cooperation Systems Center Munich (CSCM), Institute for Software Technology, Bundeswehr University Munich. (Source:…

Mobile MeetingMirror

Mobile MeetingMirror™ is a conference application for Smartphones and Tablets presenting aggregated and enriched information from external Social Networking Services.


»atlas« is an audio-visual composition of nine videos of Nicolas Romanacci shown in a 3×3 random channel matrix.

WebGL Showcases

The WebGL Showcases demonstrates the implementation of WebGL® for the iPad®.Even though WebGL is supported in iAd® as of iOS® 5.0, WebGL is not publicly available for iOS application developers, yet. As part of the WebGL Showcases application for the iPad® various WebGL examples are included. Source code is based on Nathan de Vries‘ coding effort. WebGL Examples The following WebGL…